Chef Julia


Dear Guest,

It is my passion to share the art of enjoying food to its fullest potential with others. This teaching takes many forms, whether I am giving classes in my teaching kitchen, helping with the harvest of the olives at Stella Cadente, or planning and executing events in the vineyards of the Anderson Valley. Whatever the form, I enjoy teaching most when I am able to connect people with the local foods of Mendocino County and the incredible bounty of what our area offers.

Buon appetito!

Julia Kendrick Conway

 Harvest time at Stella Cadente
Elk Cove Inn as fog rolls in

The Tipping Point 

 Tips and gratuities are a hot conversation, both in the restaurant world and in catering, particularly large events and weddings.  Originally a reward for prompt and attentive service, the gratuity or tip has become an obligatory part of the restaurant server’s compensation.  In many states, servers are paid less than the minimum wage based on an assumption of a 20% tip and are taxed accordingly through their payroll.  Catering staff, on the other hand, are generally paid a higher hourly wage, and a gratuity is an expected acknowledgement of their service over a long and arduous event.  This is especially true with weddings.