business development

Business Development consulting services can be just the boost the sole proprietor needs to take an artisan food business to the next level.

Are you a cheese maker, baker, market farmer or producer? Is time your most valuable commodity next to your production expertise? Business service assistance can be invaluable if you are a small, artisan food producer. Do you find that, as a producer, you lack the time and business skills to promote and sustain your business beyond break-even?

Consulting Services

$ 150.00/hour base

(May also be quoted and contracted on a project basis)


Anyone with a personal computer and access to the internet can take advantage of these services. Assaggiare Mendocino can also connect you with other small-business professionals that will help sustain the growth of your business.

Specialties include:
Product Pricing, Positioning and Marketing
Advertising and Promotion
Production Costing and Break-Even Analysis
Merchandising and Distribution

Assaggiare Mendocino provides contract Business Development that can help you show a profit, and take your business to the next level. Your skills are production-oriented, so keep your focus on your quality and we can provide the framework to showcase your product.