food writing

Put “expertise” into your food “expert.” Food writing is an essential piece in the puzzle of marketing and advocating your food products and services.

Assaggiare Mendocino can be the voice of your product, service, cause, or region. The multitude of lifestyle publications today can be a maze of options, even for the food or hospitality professional. Does your non-profit event require interface with the food and travel media? Let us be the voice of your organization, service, or product. Food writing is both a science and an art, and requires a broad-based knowledge of all facets of current ideas and trends. Our experienced staff can tailor a piece to your wants and needs.

Writing or Advocacy Services $ 150.00/hour
Piece/Project Work as quoted

Specialties include:
Advertising Copy
Food Styling and Photography
Editorial Copy
Restaurant Review
Travel Writing
White Paper and Public Relations Overview
Critical Analysis and Review
Topical Writing and General Interest

Do you want to trust your copy writing needs to an anonymous writer on the Internet or the telephone? Do you want or need a “local” viewpoint on your focused articles and reviews? We can provide high-quality food writing and advocacy without the “big-name” prices. We can provide published, experienced writing services under our by-line or yours. Trust your project to someone who understands the local, Northern California food scene. Even regional or local media deserves and warrants professional writing and presentation. Don’t compromise your organization, service, or product. Let us be your voice in the media.